Pros and Cons of Amazon Associate

Currently, Amazon is the best e-commerce retailer worldwide hence joining their associate’s program will only mean great things for your business. If you have a website, the program offers a way to make money on Amazon without the need of you selling your product. If you are thinking about joining this Affiliate Program, below are some of the pro and cons of Amazon Associates that you should be aware of.


An Updated Marketplace in Every Niche

Regardless of what your blog topic is about or what product you want to sell, Amazon has everything in every niche. From a simple kitchen spoon to a Rolex watch, anything and everything can be found on Amazon. If you are just getting started and you have no idea of what item to sell, you can simply go to and type in your niche then watch hundreds of thousands of products in different subcategories show up. Furthermore, Amazon constantly updates its marketplace, therefore, items that don’t sell are usually removed and new products added.

Very Easy to Get Started and Simple to Use

If you are just starting out as a blogger and you’re looking for an easy and simple way of monetizing your blog, then Amazon Associates is one of the best programs that you can get started with. Simply sign up for free to the affiliate program and within a couple of minutes, you will gain full access to banners, reports, advertising code-snippets, linking tools etc. The Amazon Control Panel makes it very easy to promote affiliate-products and also to keep track of your earnings.

It’s safe and Secure for Both Parties

One main thing that a lot of people love about Amazon is that it’s safe and secure for both involved parties. As an associate, you are guaranteed safety and payment of all your earnings. There are so Many affiliate programs which usually end-up closing down without paying its associates but you can be assured that this will never happen with Amazon. As a customer, you can also be assured of the safety and privacy of your purchases and Credit Card number.

Wide Variety of Products to Advertise

Amazon offers its associates millions of products which they can advertise on their sites. There are a wide variety of product options ranging from electronics, apparel, furniture, food, books, movies etc. You can even customize how you want the ads to be displayed i.e. as interactive widgets, banner ads or contextual links. With Amazon Associates, you can be sure to find the appropriate product to advertise.


Low Starting Commissions

Unfortunately, Amazon Associates’ starting commissions are quite low, sitting at only 4 Percent. Although the commissions can go to as high as 15 percent when the volume of your sales increase, this is problematic for people who are just getting started with their blogs and with very little following.

All Amazon’s Associate Programs are Separated

If you want to promote products from the Amazon US store and Amazon UK store, you have to sign up for each of them separately. Additionally, if you promote products on and purchases are made from Or you won’t get any commissions.

Limited Payment Options

Note that Amazon doesn’t support PayPal payouts. At the moment, payments can only be made by a check, Amazon Gift Card or through Direct Deposit.

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