What is an Affiliate Marketing Link?

Affiliate marketing is a booming business that has grown ever since the internet became mainstream. Online sales are increasingly on the rise, even today, but what is the difference between general online shopping and the sales that internet and affiliate marketers convert to online?

Well there isn’t that big a difference. Any sales that are made online for general purchases for any online sales (or high street retailers who have an online presence) will go through their website and the money collected directly. Money for sales made through a website will usually be transferred by some type of well-known online payment processor such as Paypal or Worldpay. Affiliate Marketing links work a little differently.

Online sales aren’t only for popular, tangible items that are paid for and shipped from branded sites that rank high in a search engine. Sales for items that are free to reproduce and can be obtained instantly (such as eBooks and certain programming software) can convert very highly indeed in terms of the sales bracket.

Affiliate marketers usually market products that have hot products which fall under a high ranking sales niche. Many of these niches are popular and include various items and products within the fitness, dating, make-money and pet categories (to name but a few).

The other interesting thing about these links is that these are also not sold through branded sites but targeted through various online platforms that give affiliates the opportunity to promote hand-picked products to the right buyers. Targeting the buyers and getting the right amount of traffic is crucial, otherwise sales just won’t come into fruition. Platforms can be any site that caters for affiliates alone such as “Clickbank, “Commission Junction” or “JVZoo” to name but a few. However, affiliate marketing platforms can also be found on sites such as eBay as well as social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. (Facebook do tend to make it difficult for the right traffic to get to any sales link unless you pay ad fees in advance).

Which takes us to the main question; what is an affiliate marketing link? Well in essence, an affiliate marketing link is a sales link that contains a unique code, number or ID specific to the affiliate and product in question. So regardless of whatever platform the affiliate sales link is put out on or whoever clicks on the link and makes a purchase through it, a direct sale percentage will be sent to the affiliate who is recognisable by their unique code.

So the relevant sales percentage will go to the right affiliate, usually via whatever platform the posted the link on. Different platforms tend to work in different ways but basically the ones that cater for affiliates alone such as “Clickbank” will pay on time and all will be above board when it comes to the funds.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Affiliate links are straight forward in how they operate; it’s finding the right niches and products that is the tricky part.

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